7 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

7 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility
Natural ways to boost fertility
Now a days Infertility is major problem for couples who wish to conceive. Almost one in six couple faces Infertility. Surprisingly the most common cause for them is undiagnosed or unexplained. It means after detailed investigations doctors cannot find a medical problem. These couple need to understand one thing that if they fail to conceive, then there is one or more than one elements causing problem. These might be nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle or psychological related. Let’s look at some natural ways to boost fertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant.
1 De-stress Yourself:
In this competitive world, working under pressure is common for all. We always have burden to achieve multiple things. But this has adverse effect on our body. High stress level is linked with hormonal imbalance which decreases chances of getting pregnant. So seek help from family and friends to feel secure and relax. If needed take help from counselor.  

2 Adequate Workout:
Sedentary lifestyle is another hidden but major causative factor of infertility. Hence doing a moderate physical activity at least an hour a day is recommended for all. If you are obese, do some extensive workout to lose extra weight. But exercising excessively might have opposite effect as well. Moderation is key.

3 Add Antioxidants:
As we know antioxidants has several health benefits. So taking antioxidants like folate and zinc help in improving fertility for both women and men. These removes the free radicals from our body which can damage sperms and eggs. Add fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts in your diet, these are loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin C, lutein, folate, vitamin E, beta carotene etc.
4 Have a Heavy Breakfast:
Some studies have established the link between heavy breakfast and fertility. One study has found that having a heavy breakfast may improve the hormonal effects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a major cause of infertility. Even these women ovulated 30% more than those had small breakfast and large dinner. So these all results indicates improved fertility when heavy breakfast and small dinner is followed. But please note that it might lead to weight gain if you didn’t cut down dinner meal.

5 Limit Alcohol:
Drinking any alcohol affects fertility and reduces chances of getting pregnant by 50%. Research has shown that alcohol also decreases sperm count, increases abnormal sperm count and lowers motility of sperm. In order to conceive as soon as possible you must avoid alcohol at least for 3 months.

6 Cut Down Caffeine:
There are enough evidences that shows connection between caffeine and fertility. Drinking a cup of coffee per day can reduce the chances of conceiving 50% and two cup per day can lead to miscarriage. Few studies has stated that caffeine can affect sperm count and its motility. So again it’s important to avoid caffeine at least for 3 months in order to conceive faster.

7 Avoid Trans Fat:
Trans fats has negative effects on insulin sensitivity. This increases chances of ovulatory infertility. Hence you must avoid trans fat. This is commonly found in hydrogenated vegetable oil, fried foods, baked items and processed foods. So try to eliminate food having high trans fat.

Bottom Line:
If you are trying to conceive, it’s important you follow healthy lifestyle. Having a nutritious food and active lifestyle boosts your fertility and increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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