6 Powerful Herbal Mantras to Control Diabetes

Herbal Mantra
If you are suffering from Diabetes; then hold, 6 herbal mantras are waiting for you, latest research reveals that Diabetes,commonly known as “Incurable Disease” which affects millions of peoples worldwide,can be controlled, halted or even reversed by taking herbs. We know the bitter truth that once diabetes is diagnosed, either youhave totake medicines or insulin for rest of life. Couple of allopathic medicines are in market to control the sugar level, but prolonged use of them may lead to serious side effects and serious complications too.
On the other hand, there are several common Herbs claims to have anti-diabetic effect. These are considered as most safe therapy for diabetes because they come with no side effect which is documented in several international publications as well.In some herbs, mechanism of action to control blood sugar level is similar to anti-diabetic drugs, claiming herbals are as effective as synthetic drugs. Below I have listed some common herbs used as natural remedies for diabetes.

According to research published in late 2011, Cinnamon and or its extracts significantly reduces fasting blood sugar level among pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. It not only reduces blood sugar level, but also possess anti-inflammatory effects, reduces insulin resistance and offers anti-oxidant effect. These all properties ultimately helps to prevent complications related to diabetes hence cinnamon can be one of the herbal mantra for diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds commonly known as Methi,possess several health benefits.It contains Trigonelline a well-known constituent to reduce blood sugar level.These seeds also containslarge amount of fiber and amino acid that improves insulin secretion. Many clinical trials also proved that fenugreek seeds can lower blood sugar level in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. In addition to that it also improves metabolic symptoms associated with diabetes. 

3 Bitter Melon
Bitter melon is traditional vegetable commonly used in Indian Ayurveda system as anti-diabetic herb. It primarily contains vicine, charantin, and an insulin-like compound identified as polypeptide-p which are responsible to reduce blood sugar level efficiently. These compounds acts together or individually. It also contain lectin that acts on peripheral tissues to lower down blood sugar level. Melon is also rich source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and iron. Many clinical trials also proved that taking Bitter melon for long duration controls sugar level and prevents diabetic complication as well.

4 Ginger
Ginger is another popular herb known for its several health benefits. It is rich source of gingerols that boosts glucose uptake into muscles without insulin and helps to manage blood sugar level within normal range. Research also revealed that regular intake of ginger extract may cause 35% decrease in blood sugar level and 10% increase in plasma insulin level.

5 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is mostly recognized as liver tonic. Different research finding concluded that regular intake of Aloe Vera juice improves blood sugar level and can be a useful herbal remedy for people with diabetic. It also reduces blood lipids, decreases swelling and improves wound healing process. These properties aids in preventing diabetic complications too.

Green tea is really super herb and second largest selling beverage in world. Its numerous content helps us to prevent many diseases. Various studies have shown that its potent anti-oxidant effect and other chemical constituents protects us from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and boosts insulin resistance in diabetics.
The list of herbs claims to have anti-diabetic property is huge, I have listed few which are most accessible. In next post I will list few more.
Caution: Taking herbal medicines is not enough, you have to regime your diet and exercise plan as well. It is always recommended that before beginning any treatment, consult with your physician.   



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