Diet Mantra of Healthy Life Style

Here, I have collected few diet strategies which are evaluated and identified as most effective diet mantras to maintain your healthy life style.
1. Breakfast is Must.
Thumb rule is must have morning breakfast before 9.30 am. It keeps you charged throughout day and keeps the diet balanced.

2. Say No to Late Night Snacks.
Our metabolism process works at regular pace but it slows down when we sleep. So eating late night leads to fat storing process instead of fat burning process.  

3. Am I Craving?
Check for craving before you eat something. Unless you crave for what you love to eat, you won’t be satisfied.

4. Adequate Sleep
Sleep of 6-8 hours without disturbance is the most important aspect of healthy life style. Inadequate sleep triggers appetite hormone Ghrelin which might help to put on weight.

5. Once in a While
Once in a while (may be once in week or once in 15 days) set a free day and eat whatever you want to eat. Let your cravings rule you one day.

6. Never Shop Hungry
This is another trick to avoid tempting street food. Whenever you plan for shopping try to go on full stomach.

7. No Soda Please
Drinking soda regularly harms your body muscles apart from adding extra calories that you don’t need.

8. The Apple Test
This is interesting test, “if you are not able to eat an apple, then you are not hungry.” Just try it.

9. No Carbs after Lunch
If you are willing to lose weight then this is important but very difficult for follow tip. Avoid carbohydrates after lunch.

10. Add Double Zero
Add double zero to your weight and use this figure to count our daily calorie need. For example if you weight is 130 pounds, try to eat 1300 calories.

11. Take Walk
Take a walk of 15 minutes after every meal. It helps to burn at least 100 calories in quick session.

12. Add Fiber and Protein
Lean proteins, nuts, seeds and non-starchy vegetables can be good fillers of your diet. These are rich sources of fiber and protein too.

13. Workout with Arm
While doing treadmill workout, add arm exercises with light weights. It increases calorie burning process.

Without vegetables this list is incomplete. Eat green vegetables first and then go for other options. And no need to repeat that veggies has less calories, loaded with lot of essential nutrients.

I hope you will love these diet tips. Have a healthy Life Guys. !!!!!!!. Keep visiting YourDietMantrafor more interesting info.  

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