How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

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Become Slow Eater:

This is simplest trick to lose your weight. Set a time for 20 min and eat slowly. Enjoy every bite of meal until you are full. If you eat hurriedly you might end up with overeating because your stomach don’t have enough time to signal your brain, it’s full. So have enough time for lunch and dinner, it will also help in better digestion.

Add Soups:

Yes add soups in your daily diet especially at the beginning of meal. It will slow down eating speed and curbs your appetite. Go for fresh or frozen vegetable, these are low calorie but loaded with lots of nutrients. Avoid creamy soups which are high in fat and calories.

Limit Alcohol:

Do you know alcohol has more calories than carbohydrates or proteins? If you are serious about dieting, then limit alcohol intake. Here is trick for you, take first nonalcoholic or mock tail drink, instead of directly taking beer, rum, whisky or wine.

Go for Green Tea:

Limiting Coffee or Tea and opting for Green Tea can be a good strategy for you. Several studies has revealed that green tea contains a phytochemical ‘catechins’ which can help you in reducing weight. It also has less calories.

Eat at Home:

Sound weird? But it’s true, try to eat home cooked food at home at least 5 days a week, it might be a successful practice for you. Just try for couple of weeks.

Sleep More:

A group of researcher from University of Michigan found that an extra hour of sleep could help person to lose 14 pounds in a year. Sounds funny but there are evidences that getting less than 7 hours sleep per day can disturb your appetite and feeling more hungry. 

Add Whole Grains:

Whole grains has fewer calories and might help to control cholesterol level, so add those is daily diet plan.  Brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat are some commonly available whole grains.

Eat Veg Pizza:

Yes, whenever you go for pizza, choose Vegetable topping instead of Meat or Chicken, at least you will avoid 100 calories per meal. If possible curb down cheese or use reduced fat cheese.

Use Tall Skinny Glasses:

 It might sound silly trick but trust me it works. Replace your short or wide glasses with tall and skinny one, you will drink 25-30% less beverages such as soda, cold drink, wine etc. One study conducted at Cornell University by Brian Wansink, PhD claims that many people pour more into wide or short glasses which adds more calories.

This study also revealed that shrinking plate size helps to eat less. In large dish people tend to serve more and eat more but when plate size is cut down, serving size also cut down. It might curb 100-200 calories per meal and 2-5 kg weight loss in a year.

This is all about how to lose weight without dieting. Keep visiting YourDietMantra for more interesting diet and health tips. 

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