Why You Overeat and How to Beat it?

Why You Overeat
At present more than 50% of population is obese and most prominent reason behind obesity is overeating. Overeating is not just a disorder, it has become a habit over the period of time. In simple words it can be described as you are consuming more calories compared to what you are burning. Below I have listed few reasons and probable solutions to overcome those. These diet tips will help you to maintain weight.

Emotional Eating:
Emotional eating is when you are under stress or fear or feeling lonely, you tend to eat more to cope with these situations. This is common scenario in this competitive world as we are pressurized to work longer, even on weekends we have to stretch back. Ultimately less time to focus on diet and workout.

Reward yourself by eating some sweets, such as eating chocolate when you are depressed or lonely, your body might produce feel good hormone which can boost your mood. Spare some time with family and friends when you are under stress or feeling lonely.

Eating too Fast:
The signal to eat something comes from brain. But when you eat too fast, our brain doesn’t get enough time to pass those signal in quick time. This might lead to overeating believing that you are hungry.

Follow the 3 bite rule and eat slowly. Take at least 20-25 minutes for meal so that digestive system sends signal to brain that you are full.

Count your Calories:
Most of us are unaware that we consume more calories than we needed. This happens because of lack of knowledge. We don’t know how much calorie we need daily, how many calories burnt by exercise and how many calories are in foods.

Make a habit to read the food label before you purchase food items. It will help to educate yourself. Try to get knowledge how much calories you can burn by exercise. Also find out your daily calorie need and make a diet strategy as per.
It seems that eating less is easy task but please note it takes lot of efforts to overcome the overeating habit. Follow these diet tips specially tailored for you. It will help you to maintain healthy weight.
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