How Does Dehydration Affect Blood Glucose Levels?

How Does Dehydration Affect Blood Glucose Levels?

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is when our body do not have enough fluids to carry out its normal functions. Low fluid intake, excess sweating, burns, too much sun exposure, medications, illness and alcohol can be reason of dehydration. It can be mild or severe or life threatening, depending on the cause of dehydration.  

Basics of Blood Glucose:

Glucose is form of sugar which is energy source of our body.  Glucose level raises when we eat carbohydrates and it shoots rapidly when we eat sugar or white flour. As soon as glucose level shoots up, our body produces Insulin which directs our cell to preserve glucose to lower down its concentration from bloodstream. An increased sugar level for longer duration might cause high blood pressure, stroke, blindness, damage to nervous system and kidney disease.

Symptoms of Dehydration:

Even a mild dehydration might cause weakness, headache, tiredness and thirsty. Severe level symptoms are low blood pressure, dry mouth, sunken eyes, rapid heartbeat, fever and it worst condition unconsciousness and death might occur. 

Dehydration and Diabetes:

According to a study published in “Diabetes Care” in 2011, continuous dehydration might lead to chronic hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level which is indication of Diabetes. This study conducted over 9 years including 3615 adults found that who drunk maximum amount of water were least likely to diagnose with hyperglycemia, whereas those who drunk least water were the most likely to develop hyperglycemia.

Hydration Tips:

Keeping hydrated will help your body to perform all daily activities. If you have diabetes and feel dehydrated, check your blood sugar level, if it’s high, drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes and follow your physician’s instructions about taking medications. Don’t take tea, coffee or any other liquid which acts as diuretics. 

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