Diet Mantra

Tips for Making Fast Food Choices Healthier

Now a days lunch boxes replaced by mouthwatering, ready to eat and easily available Pizzas, Burgers, Fries, Subs or Cold Drinks. These fast foods are best fit when you are hungry and looking for ready to eat food. It also satisfies your temptation for time being but keep in mind that fast foods are loaded with lot of sugar, bunch of calories, too much sodium and bit extra fat. McDonald,

Amazing 7 Secrets to Lose Weight with a Hectic Schedule

Are you an professional or freelancer having hectic schedule or tight project deadline which won’t allow you to lose weight as per plan? Here I have amazing 7 secrets to lose weight which will help you effectively. 1 Count and Track Calories Your smartphone can be your good companion for this. Now a day’s couple of calorie tracker apps are available in market. Use one of them to record calorie

Why You Overeat and How to Beat it?

At present more than 50% of population is obese and most prominent reason behind obesity is overeating. Overeating is not just a disorder, it has become a habit over the period of time. In simple words it can be described as you are consuming more calories compared to what you are burning. Below I have listed few reasons and probable solutions to overcome those. These diet tips will help you

Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Our Immune system is our first line defense system which works better when protected from external factors such as smoking, respiratory infection etc. and by following healthy life style. Eating foods to boost immune system such as fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotene and zinc helps to fight against flu and cold. Let’s look at few foods that really helps us. Tea and

Diet Mantra of Healthy Life Style

Here, I have collected few diet strategies which are evaluated and identified as most effective diet mantras to maintain your healthy life style. 1. Breakfast is Must. Thumb rule is must have morning breakfast before 9.30 am. It keeps you charged throughout day and keeps the diet balanced. 2. Say No to Late Night Snacks. Our metabolism process works at regular pace but it slows down when we sleep. So

Happy Eating Habits - How to Adopt Them?

Happy Eating is the new buzzword in weight loss business. It refers to adopting an eating habits which might help you to cut down unnecessary calories. It has been observed that we tend to eat more in certain conditions and we are unaware of it. This end up adding extra calories in your diet. Below I have listed some common situation: During Social Meetings: This is the most common scenario,

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Become Slow Eater: This is simplest trick to lose your weight. Set a time for 20 min and eat slowly. Enjoy every bite of meal until you are full. If you eat hurriedly you might end up with overeating because your stomach don’t have enough time to signal your brain, it’s full. So have enough time for lunch and dinner, it will also help in better digestion. Add Soups: Yes

6 Powerful Herbal Mantras to Control Diabetes

If you are suffering from Diabetes; then hold, 6 herbal mantras are waiting for you, latest research reveals that Diabetes,commonly known as “Incurable Disease” which affects millions of peoples worldwide,can be controlled, halted or even reversed by taking herbs. We know the bitter truth that once diabetes is diagnosed, either youhave totake medicines or insulin for rest of life. Couple of allopathic medicines are in market to control the sugar level, but