Tips on How to Choose Juices for Healthy Skin

  If you want to look more attractive than ever before, you first need to work on your skin. There is no doubt that skin is considered as the most visible part of human body. Thus, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of skin when it comes to achieving a beautiful look. This might be a reason why there is great buzz about skin care products. However, there are

8 Best Healing Herbs with Powerful Health Benefits

  Herbal medicine has been used as kitchen medicine for thousands of years to cure or prevent numerous health conditions. Although there is no substitute for competent medical care, to avoid common health ailments and live strong, a good diet and sensible eating play a vital role.  Below I have posted a basic knowledge of these Superherbs which might help you to boost your overall health condition. Read This: How Healthy Is Wheat

How Healthy Is Wheat Bread?

  Nutritionists and dieticians are pushing everyone to eat whole grain products because white bread and refined grains are not as nutritious as we expect.   But grains, especially gluten cereals such as wheat, have been intensively studied in recent years. Many medical professionals now claim that the bread and other sources of maize gluten are potentially harmful to us.   White Bread increase the blood glucose level:   White

How Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight?

  If you are trying to lose weight, remember that a good sleep will be as important as your diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, many people do not get enough sleep and they are unaware of this. In fact, about 30% of adults hardly gets six hours sleep, according to a study by American adults.   Below are the few reasons how sleep can help you lose weight.   1. Poor

How Does Dehydration Affect Blood Glucose Levels?

  What is Dehydration?   Dehydration is when our body do not have enough fluids to carry out its normal functions. Low fluid intake, excess sweating, burns, too much sun exposure, medications, illness and alcohol can be reason of dehydration. It can be mild or severe or life threatening, depending on the cause of dehydration.     You May Also Like This: Is Taking a Multivitamin Really Worth?    Basics of