Weight Loss Mantra

How Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight?

If you are trying to lose weight, remember that a good sleep will be as important as your diet and exercise. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough sleep and they are unaware of this. In fact, about 30% of adults hardly gets six hours sleep, according to a study by American adults. Below are the few reasons how sleep can help you lose weight. Poor Sleep Is A Major

4 Types of Exercises to Boost your Fitness

Exercise plays a key role to keep you fit and healthy. A 30-60 minutes of physical exercise per day, is crucial part of weight loss program. However when you think about exercise, you always imagine the ones that breathe hard and sweat a lot, such as running or biking. Surprisingly there are couple of other physical activities which are really useful to boost your fitness. You May Also Like It:


Diabetes weight management is a challenging task in many ways. Not only those extra pounds are a major risk factor to uncontrolled sugar level, but also it leads to insulin resistance which makes it more difficult to our body to do its job. Hence it’s very important to cut down extra pounds if you have high sugar level. Following below secrets might help you to achieve the diabetes weight loss

Diet Mantra of Healthy Life Style

Here, I have collected few diet strategies which are evaluated and identified as most effective diet mantras to maintain your healthy life style. 1. Breakfast is Must. Thumb rule is must have morning breakfast before 9.30 am. It keeps you charged throughout day and keeps the diet balanced. 2. Say No to Late Night Snacks. Our metabolism process works at regular pace but it slows down when we sleep. So

Happy Eating Habits - How to Adopt Them?

Happy Eating is the new buzzword in weight loss business. It refers to adopting an eating habits which might help you to cut down unnecessary calories. It has been observed that we tend to eat more in certain conditions and we are unaware of it. This end up adding extra calories in your diet. Below I have listed some common situation: During Social Meetings: This is the most common scenario,

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Become Slow Eater: This is simplest trick to lose your weight. Set a time for 20 min and eat slowly. Enjoy every bite of meal until you are full. If you eat hurriedly you might end up with overeating because your stomach don’t have enough time to signal your brain, it’s full. So have enough time for lunch and dinner, it will also help in better digestion. Add Soups: Yes

6 Powerful Herbal Mantras to Control Diabetes

If you are suffering from Diabetes; then hold, 6 herbal mantras are waiting for you, latest research reveals that Diabetes,commonly known as “Incurable Disease” which affects millions of peoples worldwide,can be controlled, halted or even reversed by taking herbs. We know the bitter truth that once diabetes is diagnosed, either youhave totake medicines or insulin for rest of life. Couple of allopathic medicines are in market to control the sugar level, but